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Mena shalaby's news

Mena shalaby's news

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Information about MENA SHALABY

spicial card about mena shalaby:
her name menaallah mohamed heshameldeen abdallah shalaby.
she have sister&brother from the father they are eyman & mostafa.
they work in buisness.
mena is a angry ahlawya.she very love a red color.
her mother is zeze mostafa she real name is zenab aly abdelal.
mena was born 24/7/1982.she very love suaad hosny & naglaa fathy & madeha kamel & hend rostom & asmahan.
her names in her works are:
mona antaka (kalem mama)
toha (ayn kalby)
mena (elbanat)
shakira (hadeth elsabah we elmasaa)
noor (elsaher)

The opinion of forginer's newspapers

Mena Shalaby, a new star & actress in Egypt with a cute face She is the daughter of the face Egyptian belly dancer Zizi Mustafa. Mena acted on three movies, one of them is released which is Al Saher by the director Radawan El Khasheef, she thinks working with The Egyptian actor, Muhamoud Abdel Elziz is one of the outstanding expriences in her life.

Also, working with dirctors Radwan El Kasheef & Osma Fawzi was a great exprience to her. In addition, working with the dirctor Muhamed Fadel was one of her big dreams, who got great achievments in both cinema & television sectors.

She thinks the main problem of the Arabic movies is the production, not enough movies are produced lately, the Arabic production of movies in the Arabic world needs a push.

Mena is still a student in the Hight Institute of Theatrical Arts. She love that since her childhood. After school she applied for that, and she was the second runner-up, out of thound students who applied.

Mena's favorite actors from Egypt in the past are Madiha Kamel, Hind Rostom, the famous Egyptian blonde in the history of Cinema, Shwikar & Mervat Ameen.

Mena's favorite actors from the young stars are Hany Salama, Ahmed Ez, Ahmed El Sakka, Heneidy, Alla Wallyeldeen, & Karim

Mena's favorite actors internationally are Julia Roberts, Demmie Moore, Sharon Stone, & Richard Gere.

Mena adores the romantic films, she looks like a romantic person. She thinks the cinema is the best thing that ever happend in her life. She likes to work on the theatre some day, we wish to the new cute actress all best for her future with acting, go girl..

Mena in "our life dreams"

Menna Shalaby And Our Life Dreams.
Actress Menna Shalaby joins Mona Zaky, Ramez Galal and Moustafa Shaaban in the film “Ahlam Omrenaâ€‌ or “Our life Dreamsâ€‌. It is written by Ahmed El Beeh and directed by Othman Abu Laban in his first film Experience.

Information about disginers

1-My name's Abd El-rahman Nabi.i'm 18 years old.
My phone:010-6975948
2-My name's Marwa.i'm 16 years old.

RSVP here.


The actress Menna Shalaby joined the cast of the comic film “Afreeta Wa 3 Shayateenâ€‌ or “A genie and 3 Satansâ€‌. Starring Ahmed Eid, Salah Abd Allah, Allaa Morsy, Hassan Hosny, Ezzat Abou Ouf and Ragaa El Geddawey. Loving adventure, this is the main characteristic in Menna's role in the film, in which she undergoes many adventures with three young guys in Sharm El Sheikh. The film is written by Ahmed Abou Se'daâ€‌.